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Digimind Announces OEM Agreement with Navasto

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Berlin, Germany: Digimind GmbH today announced a new partnership with Navasto

GmbH. This partnership will enable Digimind to bring new AI accelerate design and

simulation of circular packaging.

“The integration of Navasto’s AI technology in our cloud platform is an important

milestone that will accelerate our commitment toward enabling packaging

sustainability and circularity by design,” says Dr. Katharina Eissing, CEO at Digimind

GmbH.“ by leveraging Navasto API we are able to help packaging designers

engineer fully circular plastic packaging with that is lightweight and with high content

of recycled content”

“We are very pleased to see Navasto’s AI technology initially develop and used in

the automotive and aerospace industry now helping the packaging industry

accelerate their transition to sustainability,” says Dr. Matthias Bauer, CEO at Navasto

GmbH.“ the capabilities of our API are going to be used in helping packaging

designer make better decisions leveraging our integrated real time simulation and

optimization capabilities.”

The benefits of this new partnership include.

• Bring to the packaging designer a real time simulation tool to predict the

performance during the design process for a safer more attractive packaging

• Packaging light weighting capabilities in matter of minutes saving weight and

reducing environmental footprint

For more information visit Digimind on LinkedIn

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